Висококачествено наливно вино

To your attention we offer you high quality draft wines. The offered harvest is made of young wines from the current year. The cellar shops are equipped with a wine storage system that preserves the wine’s flavors.

Why a draft wine installation system?

The advantages of choosing a wine from a special draft wine system are numerous, but here we will discuss mostly the advantages on the quality and taste of the wine. It is known that when the wine is aerated, i.e. when it is exposed to air, the fragrances open and the taste gets slightly rounded. But the excessive contact of the wine with the air stimulates the development of harmful bacteria, that affect the color of the wine and lead to oxidation. The bulk wine installation interferes in this stage by facilitation proper storage conditions and prevents the wine from being exposed to air. This is achieved through the use of metal, stainless vessels (kegs) in which the wine is sealed with nitrogen. The nitrogen shifts the air from the kegs and protects the surface of the wine from interaction with oxygen, which prevents the oxidation processes and the growth of bacteria and other microbes, preserving the excellent taste and aroma properties of the wine. Nitrogen is a gas without color and smell widely used in the food industry. Besides slowing the growth of bacteria, it reduces the harmful effects of moisture and protects the system from external dirt. In addition, by increasing the pressure in the free space of the tanks, the gas itself becomes the safest mechanism for transfusion or transfer of wine. When choosing a wine that is stored and offered in a similar way, you guarantee yourself a fresh and aromatic wine pleasure from the first glass to the last.

Ruevit estate quality draft wines:

-Cabernet Sauvignon

– Merlot

– Chardonnay

– Muscat (coming soon)

– Rose (coming soon)

– White Pelin*

– Red Pelin*

* Pelin is available only during the winter period, until the produced quantities are exhausted.